Anna ⚓ Luke - Engagement Photography and Film

After meeting the client and sharing a few coffees our session was booked, Friday afternoon at 3:45pm till Sundown. Being the professional that I am, I thought I had better lock down my primary location with a scout, while I was there I threw an ad hoc light test in for good measure.


Glorious afternoon and not a cloud in sight. You couldn't ask for a more perfect afternoon. Rainbow grad to the East, Deeply saturated orange-to-blue in the West. All boxes were ticked.


Sunny, However the location was 'CLOSED DUE TO WILDFIRE'. Eeeeek, frantically made a ton of calls to various counsel departments and finally managed to track down a ranger who assured us it would be open by friday. 


Sunny so why not pop out for an afternoon light test to gauge which Gels to use to maintain skin tone integrity. More on that in a later post. 

Friday Morning:


Friday afternoon?

Freaking overcast.
There goes the glorious sunset that I was hoping to use for my backdrop, all those beautiful saturated tones and natural rim light. But I guess that's par for the course. As a creative you adapt and make it work.

This session engagement session included photographic prints as well as a short film. I was anxious to shoot stills and motion at the same time, mainly because I was rolling as a 1-Man-Crew. Throw in shooting on location, switching from stills on my 5D to video on a 60D, as we'll as having to calibrate my multi-copter at each location and you have one complicated engagement session (not to mention the manual focus lenses I prefer). My saving grace was having my pregnant wife assisting on the day. With all of that said, when it was all over we got some great images and a beautiful short piece.

As always, I'd change a few things when I do it next time but I loved the experience with this beautiful couple and the results were awesome.

Canon 5D II
Canon 60D
GoPro 3+ Black 
DJI Phantom II
Pentacon 135mm ƒ2.8 
Sigma 28 mini wide ƒ2.8 Canon 85mm ƒ1.8

Adobe CC
13” MacBook Pro Retina
Grading in Prem CC (Speedgrade Crashed)