So there we were two guys, a kick-drum, a guitar and a few field recorders. We were trapped in a textile jungle surrounded by trench coats, ball gowns and a dorky 80's track suit that I swear wasn't mine. "3-2-1" I count Ben in.  He strums his guitar like a mariachi and she moans as he gently pulls back on her neck. The recording process had begun, all we had was a couple of vintage lenses, a walk in robe and 3 hours till wrap.  As it turns out, that's all you need, well to make a no budget bare bones music video anyway.



Once we had the song recorded I sped it up 2.5 times to be played back at 60fps . This is how we got the slow motion/etherial style when Ben is singing. Next time I think I would slow it down a little bit to 50fps (2.083x) and maybe even 30fps (1.25x) to give a look that is just off-speed.

Lenses used were all vintage FD mount lenses. The reason for this was for a few reasons. I wanted the overall look of the video to be more analogue, which matches the raw music style of Eagle Cry. And I wanted to do this without adding any of those passé light leak transitions that are currently being used ad absurdum. With that been said these vintage lenses flare out beautifully which gives them a unique character and sets their look apart from just another contemporary lens.

As a side note, I picked up the Tamron 85-210mm  from a garage sale for $2!

The edit and colour grading was done in Prem Pro with motion tracking for supers and comp work taken care of in After Effects. 



  1. Budget more than 3 hours (Unavoidable in this case)
  2. Chop the pre recorded song into smaller chunks
  3. Bring a boom box to play the pre-recorded music through. 
  4. Take 1 or 2 crew along  
  5. Take some home made lemonade along. 


Find more of Ben's music HERE