In the day and age when everyone owns mobile device, making the claim that one's a photographer or a film maker can be made frivolously and frequently. And the simple fact is that everybody who wants to be, can be.  

But what this really means is that there is a lot more noise. Pictures of cats, kids and sunsets, movies of people eating food and all the other stuff that nobody really cares about and that doesn't really add anything of substance to the meta-culture is being bombarded into our digital feeds.

So how do you rise above the noise? You need to be better. You need to create art. An image, a narrative with meaning that the broader culture, or at least a specific niche can connect with and relate to. Art that reveals a greater truth. 

Art is a lie that reveals the truth. - Picasso

If you want to truly be a Photographer or Film Maker ask yourself, before you upload, is this more self-indulgence or something that others will appreciate.