Gee, don't say that one out loud. But that is exactly what the folks from Bristol, England are creating, hand crafted lenses with schidt loads of character. The company is called Dog Schidt Optiks (DSO) and they seem to be bringing back what is missing from modern lenses and what people are paying software developers for in droves to create after the fact.

The trend of fitting film SLR lenses to digital SLRs as a way of achieving a more organic look is not a new one. But the folks at DSO are taking this concept to the next level with the flare factory 58. As seen above in many variations. 

It all starts with a 1930/40s Soviet made 58mm lens. The lenses are actually a Zeiss spec lens so the sharpness is bang on. 

Then the folks at DSO pretty much wreck it. The rip its guts out and with the precision of a swiss horologist they tinker. The result is beautiful analogue artefacts like streaked flares, tinted flares, abrasion in the inner elements that only appear in the bokeh an a super creamy low contrast look. 

The great thing is that DSO make the lens to meet the look that you specify.

The downside is that there is a two month waiting list until they even read your email to start creating your lens.

I've ordered mine. Follow the link below to get in line for yours.

Dog Schidt Optiks Etsy Store.