spaceballs MEME.jpg

Spaceballs! Classic 80's cheese-ball comedy. Something else that's funny is seeing people with DSLRs who shoot on automatic. 

Here's my reasoning for why I think you too should shoot on manual.

1. You bought a DSLR to be creative and artful.
2. You have the most creative control when you shoot in manual (or in Av or Tv).
3. Therefore, shoot manual!!

If you own a DSLR, why not challenge yourself to shoot manually. Or at the very least semi-auto. (Tv/Sv or Av). When you first begin it will be hard. But like anything in life, if it's hard, it's probably worth doing.



The upshot is that you will get a better grasp of how the delicate dance of exposure works. You're also more likely to experience little treasures are gold, or what I like to call 'happy accidents'. This is because you get results that you weren't expecting by making mistakes, sometimes this is not great, however occasionally they can turn out fantastic.   

When these happy accidents happen the key is to pause, think about what just happened then try to replicate the results so that you can do it again when you need to.

The next time you pull out your camera remember, if you're not shooting in manual, the machines win.